Students for Interprofessional Education (SIPE) presented a summary of their activities to the IPE Steering Committee in May 2017.

July 8: A Night in the ER and Social. This simulation of a 12-hour ER shift emphasized the importance of communication and knowing roles and duties of other teammates.

September 9: Interprofessional Education (IPE) Course Kickoff Event. An academic event for 568 first-year health professional students held by the IMU. Students were assigned to teams of 8-9 students from a variety of disciplines, perform team-building activities, and listen to interprofessional speakers. Three SIPE members spoke at the event to emphasize the importance of adopting interprofessionalism as students.

September 14: The Waiting Room—Film screening, discussion and Social. The film chronicles events at a public hospital's emergency room where overworked staff and many uninsured patients must cope with disease, bureaucracy and hard choices.

October 3: Walter Goes to the Hospital: A Geriatric Case Study. Co-sponsored with the Interest Group on Aging, SIPE hosted a low-tech simulation exploring the difficulties of aging and interprofessional care. Facilitated by faculty geriatricians and others with a geriatric interest, this case study explored the medical, pharmaceutical, social, and dental aspects of caring for elderly.

October 4: Lunch with Dr. Angelo Volandes.  SIPE members held a conversation with nationally recognized expert and author on Advanced Care Planning, Dr. Angelo Volandes who is also a faculty member at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Volandes lead a discussion on the importance and challenges of improving end of life care. His visit was part of the "Honoring Health Care Preferences through Caring Conversations" conference.

December 2: TEDMED Watch Event and Discussion. What if we re-examine the way we frame health challenges? Topics included the treatment of rare diseases, homelessness, robotic vision, and mental illness with fresh paradigms. 

December 12: Medicaid Policy Event. Iowa State Senator Liz Mathis lead a lively discussion about the recent changes to healthcare policy in Iowa and how it will affect patient care. 

February 28: Fix It Movie and Discussion Fix It, is a controversial movie regarding healthcare in the United States. A discussion about the ideas in the (admittedly one-sided) film followed the screening. To watch the movie, visit

March 9: Caring with Compassion—This forum and discussion on homelessness featured a panel of professionals from Johnson and Linn Counties: Ethan Novak from the PATH/Abbe Center; Nadia Sabbagh, PhD Candidate, UI School of Social Work; and Kim Gordon, Affordable Housing Network.

March 23: Dietetics Internship Health Fair for National Nutrition Month. SIPE members provided volunteer support for educational booths, learned about nutrition, and interacted with other students and the public.

April 25: Pills on Pills on Pills, This interactive polypharmacy game helped to demonstrate the importance of communication between providers and pharmacists, as well as the difficulties that arise when people only know part of a patient's medication history.